Prints available on Nakatomi NOW

Dave Lamplugh is an artist that I’ve been friends with off and on for close to 13 years now. We both worked at Asel Art Supply here in Austin together back in 1999-2001 and had a few joint art-shows. When I saw some of his recent Animal Hybrid paintings, I knew we just HAD to adapt them to screen-printing for the Nakatomi audience. The paintings were rendered in a very bold and graphic style that just lent themselves to the screen-printing medium perfectly. I’ve been working with Dave for a few months now, showing him the process and I am VERY proud to publish his first silk-screen prints.  Dave’s wild and dense compositions from back in 2000 were very influential on me as an artist, and I’m excited to return the favor and support this body of work I feel very strongly about.

Here is the write up on Nakatomi, Inc. about the prints. Thanks for the kind words, Tim!