Parade Stand Wolf (fails to see any humor in the situation)

Funny Story:  I was working on this piece in a coffeeshop as I do, and a young couple in their 20’s walks up to me and enquires as to how I do the work flat on the table without dragging my sleeve in it.  I cheerfully turned to them and said, “I don’t do that, I’m a dirty son of a bitch!”  I showed them my hoodie sleeve marked with white paint.  Not the funny part…The young man in the couple asked about the writing on the left and right.  I told him it was drawn from the original baseball card, and since it was in huge letters on the card, I mean the biggest words on the card were these letters, I figured it must be the players name…No, he said.  He grew up in Japan, he said.  The words say “baseball card”.  Graphic design has come a long way that we no longer have to put the words car, or automobile in the ad for cars.  It is just assumed you know that if it has four wheels and an engine it is a car.  Funny story.