…Or Maybe it Means, Kids like Owls, Stupid.

Searched a while for a title on this one.  Searched haikus: a favorite.  Searched poetry: a decent backup, but to no avail.  Sometimes if you are looking for an answer it helps to go clueless.  I search under satanic owls and was toasted with a bevy of christian/wacko websites who had moved on from the bohemian grove a la Alex Jones, to it’s logical conclusion.  A favorite was a site obsessing over Anderson Cooper (a favorite pastime of these websites), holding up a picture of an owl drawn by a slain Sandy Hook toddler. The owl was festive green, and sunny.  A very nice piece from what I am sure was a beautiful child. “Why did he pick this picture?” , “There were plenty of other pictures, why pick a representation of a construction whose meaning is literally all in our heads, from the actual Satan figure to the bird he inhabits…” .  Yeah.  As an artist, I seek to answer questions.  Sometimes they are deep.  And sometimes I will just do it with the title of a painting.