Hell or High Water

It has been a long time since I updated.  Mostly due to moving from one place to another and an art consulting gig that has taken up my time.  Anyway, Here is the newest work, Hell or High Water.  I am planning a series of what I call meta portraits on films that have influenced me through the worlds they create.  The first on is based on the 2016 film Hell or High Water.  Of special note are the bas relief gilt frames.  I’m starting a series of formal experiments to see how far stencil texturization can go before it swamps my painting style and becomes gawwwwwdawful!


Droney, A Cape Weaver’s Lament

This is the beginning of a smaller compliment to Defensive Postures.  I don’t know how many pictures of drones there are on the internet, but we are fix in’ to find out.  This Cape Weaver picture was irresistible for it’s lighting.  I ended up taking the flower pic myself, mostly because it was difficult to find a flower shot with a big old squarish shadow on it.