Bulldog of the Motorways

Bulldog of the Motorways is in my new series of paintings dealing with Relections on metal, Photo Processing, photo realism and animal portraiture.  All of the paintings in this series are a magnitude up in size from my previous pieces.  Part of this decision was commercial because giganticism in painting has become a thing…to be admired, to be railed against…but still a thing…not to be ignored.  The processes I use and the meager financial life I lead made painting stupid huge unfeasible, but a concentration on dense passages of painting dictated a scale jump, even if it meant having difficulty selling them on my own.  That also will have to change.  I am on the lookout for dealers if anybody has any clues on such things.  Anyway: Bulldog is part two of The Lost Decade until such time I actually make the promised matching piece to it.