Behold, I am Controller Destroyer of Worlds

Ok…multiple stories with this one.  I was at Ikea on a monday picking up frames and I came across a cheesy dorm art tryptch called a Pjatteryd.  It was one of the only dormers there that even resembled a painting…most of the decoration were photos, because swedish modernism has decided that painting is dead.  Swedish modernism might be right, but it was either the Pjatteryd or a cartoony blue sturgeon stretched across three small panels.  I had a image in mind.  It was an old print of the swift and terrible dissolution of a traditional game of go.  the central figure is about to vent his rage on a female cheater as the figure on the left either falls from a tree or backs into one to escape the attack on the maiden.  As frequently happens, I was almost finished with the piece when I noticed I had totally skipped a figure.  hidden by awkward drafting and improbable placement, the central figure was stepping on some dude’s head in the original.