Escape/Complete or Tiger Cycle

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny.  I’m having fun with this new off shoot of Defensive Postures. Which is strange, because thinking about the illogically couched logical conclusions of the series makes me sad. The titling of this piece was in reference to video games.  You yourself escape, you also complete somebodies business plan.  the act of getting away powers the machine. In other news, on my vacation I went to Dick’s Classic Garage in San Marcos, Texas and the San Antonio Zoo.  Loaded up on Pics.

Conspiracy Owl

This is a 12″ square piece I’m putting into Due West, the group show for the West Austin Studio Tour 2015.  It fits in the Defensive Postures series.  It was an experiment to see if I could make a smaller piece work in the series.  Defensive postures is mostly going to be larger paintings, originals more than prints.  Anyway, owls are fun and I’ve been toying with a smaller setting of constructed helmets for animals to wear.  It’s a nice bridge between the two series.(I just noticed this pic is partly a photoshop pre vis…but that’ll do.)owlsatblueowlsatblue

False Flag with redone background

After Kogyo, and one of my favorite pieces for Animaruprinto No Hitobito, I was never really satisfied with the background of False Flag.  It is a hazard when you work on a background and then decide what goes on it.  The new series is much more preconceived with multiple trips to photoshop to figure out what goes where.  False Flag is how I used to do things to a t:  do a background, flip back and forth between pics to do the render.  Anyway, I like this better.  It lets the figures breathe and it is finally clearly about a game of cat and chicken.

The Builder

The Builder - David Lamplugh

For a painting that I produced to fill some empty time, I’m digging this thing.  I have no idea if this type of painting is marketable, but the experiment is driving me a bit. Collage has always been part of my work, but the last few have been completely mocked up on Photoshop, leveled and adjusted to make sure the colors are matched, and then painted from composite.  One good thing about it:  I’m pretty sure what the final painting will look like.  Also, I’m shooting for a goal.  BTW, I have prints at Spratx, 501 E.5th st. Austin, Tx.  Y’all check em out when you’re getting paint.

The Plastic Beach

Ever since I purchased two tiny paintings of sushi by J.Azarian, brother of painter Ethan Azarian, I’ve wanted to inject the simple genius of the craft of sushi, into the designs of my painting.  The Plastic Beach begins that process, though future paintings will be more directly linked.  I wanted to let everybody know, I have two prints on sale at Guzu Gallery online:  Battle of the Insurance Giants (A meditation on Kaiju) and A TMNT themed print, featuring the themes of this painting series.

Also available, but in town only, the 3 Animaruprinto silkscreens I did with Nakatomi inc., and a range of machine prints of the paintings.  These can be found at Spratx store/Gallery at 501 Pedernales, Austin, Tx, 78702.  Also for your koto case, sticker packs!  Help me open the store on my website, release sticker pack two and eat food bought from stores.  Thank You!

The Low Road, Always/Sans Reliable Transportation

Two Paintings in a new mini-series I’m working on.  I stumbled upon these wagons with ukiyo-e floral arrangements.  I thought that the pairing with a full animal would be a nice stretch for me.  Another first:  a ferret.  I have been wanting to do a weasel, mink, ferret, ermine for a while.  The idea of ferret as pack animal seemed like the way to go


This is a show curated up in Georgetown, Texas revolving around humor in art.  It will be taking place on February 15th.  I will have 3 pieces there, probably Monkey Scholar and two others.  Sharing the space with me are some local, and not so local luminaries, Jennifer Balkan, and Debra Broz, Sue Randle and more. 816 South Main Street, Georgetown, Texas, 78626, 512-930-258three.

Myth vs Reality minus Snake

For a year I have been steadily creating a sticker army of images lifted from my painting.  Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon, my longtime collaborator Marius Cossette has been creating a street art rep based partially on my images, partly on his own under the rubric #tigeruppercut.  This is my attempt to finally formalize the project by selling some of the stickers.  I am a painter, it was therefore natural to do the label of the sticker pack as a painting.  Letters will be added in illustrator, then it is off to be die-cut.