Conspiracy Owl

This is a 12″ square piece I’m putting into Due West, the group show for the West Austin Studio Tour 2015.  It fits in the Defensive Postures series.  It was an experiment to see if I could make a smaller piece work in the series.  Defensive postures is mostly going to be larger paintings, originals more than prints.  Anyway, owls are fun and I’ve been toying with a smaller setting of constructed helmets for animals to wear.  It’s a nice bridge between the two series.(I just noticed this pic is partly a photoshop pre vis…but that’ll do.)owlsatblueowlsatblue

A bit of National/Internet Press for Cianfrani Show!

Gallery onefive4 gave the show in Georgetown a shout out.  Thanks for the support, Christopher Priority!  The show is up for a couple of months.  I have set up a Facebook event for the show and If a opening seems appropriate after a month or so, I’ll keep everyone apprised.


The Plastic Beach

Ever since I purchased two tiny paintings of sushi by J.Azarian, brother of painter Ethan Azarian, I’ve wanted to inject the simple genius of the craft of sushi, into the designs of my painting.  The Plastic Beach begins that process, though future paintings will be more directly linked.  I wanted to let everybody know, I have two prints on sale at Guzu Gallery online:  Battle of the Insurance Giants (A meditation on Kaiju) and A TMNT themed print, featuring the themes of this painting series.

Also available, but in town only, the 3 Animaruprinto silkscreens I did with Nakatomi inc., and a range of machine prints of the paintings.  These can be found at Spratx store/Gallery at 501 Pedernales, Austin, Tx, 78702.  Also for your koto case, sticker packs!  Help me open the store on my website, release sticker pack two and eat food bought from stores.  Thank You!

Heroes in A Halfshell plus Pizza Giclee drops at Guzu Gallery online

The 1st edition of this print is limited to 20, and a few already sold at the opening.  Giclee is a high definition pigmented archival printing process.  The prints are on cold press epson paper.  Also, the original painting (20×16, acrylic on canvas) is up for sale.  If interested contact me through site e-mail.guzu thumbturtles

Reversal of Fortune (commission)

This is a commission for a friend.  His only direction was a samurai duel involving his ladies dog and cat.  I like equestrian scenes, so I chose to do it in that manner.  When I’d finished, a rare thing occured. I knew that this was good enough that I would have to have it gicleeed and put into exhibition.  With the time constraints placed on most commissions this is usually impossible.  Hell, not that I don’t do perfectly acceptable  commissions, but they are rarely my best work. Reasons: You have to work small because of price constraints, and the pictures provided are usually a challenge. Also because of price constraints, you can’t work as long on them.  Anyway thanks to Jeff for letting me have this for an extra couple of weeks so it can go through the process.

Parade Stand Wolf (fails to see any humor in the situation)

Funny Story:  I was working on this piece in a coffeeshop as I do, and a young couple in their 20’s walks up to me and enquires as to how I do the work flat on the table without dragging my sleeve in it.  I cheerfully turned to them and said, “I don’t do that, I’m a dirty son of a bitch!”  I showed them my hoodie sleeve marked with white paint.  Not the funny part…The young man in the couple asked about the writing on the left and right.  I told him it was drawn from the original baseball card, and since it was in huge letters on the card, I mean the biggest words on the card were these letters, I figured it must be the players name…No, he said.  He grew up in Japan, he said.  The words say “baseball card”.  Graphic design has come a long way that we no longer have to put the words car, or automobile in the ad for cars.  It is just assumed you know that if it has four wheels and an engine it is a car.  Funny story.