Escape/Complete or Tiger Cycle

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny.  I’m having fun with this new off shoot of Defensive Postures. Which is strange, because thinking about the illogically couched logical conclusions of the series makes me sad. The titling of this piece was in reference to video games.  You yourself escape, you also complete somebodies business plan.  the act of getting away powers the machine. In other news, on my vacation I went to Dick’s Classic Garage in San Marcos, Texas and the San Antonio Zoo.  Loaded up on Pics.

The Lions in Retreat

A new painting in the Defensive Postures series.  This one sprung from the picture I was using as a desktop pic since I inadvertently changed it during Honeybear Massacre.  I really like the head on the palace guardian lion, and since I used his legs in Honeybear, I figured why not throw in the head.  I really like the blue stencil over the city.  Have be careful not to overuse it.

Underdrawing of new painting

A few words about how I work.  I use slow drying acrylics and very thin acrylics made by Golden Acrylics.  I have adapted an old masters technique (my understanding of it) to suit these media.  First I will do a detailed charcoal(nero) sketch on the aerosol surface.  This tends to come up in acrylic washes, so I’ve taken to illustrating a dark and light comic style illustration that will withstand washes.  Over this I glaze burnt sienna slow dry.  This establishes the middle tone.  I reestablish the lights. and darks, blending them in wet on wet.  What then stands is a tricolor underpainting.  Like the old masters, I will glaze colors over this toned skeleton.  this resembles coloring a photograph. Opaque highlights follow, usually with high flow thin acrylics.  Pictured is a comic style underdrawing from a new painting.  Sometimes they come out nice.  This one I might actually redo on the computer to do a silkscreen run.

The Low Road, Always/Sans Reliable Transportation

Two Paintings in a new mini-series I’m working on.  I stumbled upon these wagons with ukiyo-e floral arrangements.  I thought that the pairing with a full animal would be a nice stretch for me.  Another first:  a ferret.  I have been wanting to do a weasel, mink, ferret, ermine for a while.  The idea of ferret as pack animal seemed like the way to go

Cherrywood Coffeehouse Show coming down tomorrow.

Face detail
Face detail

There are many pieces still available, including silkscreens for 50, and 8×10 machine prints framed for 20.  I’d like to thank Ryan Morris and Holli for helping me make it such a success. sign up on my website to be alerted of upcoming shows. Cherrywood Coffeehouse 1400 W.38th and 1/2, Austin, Tx 78722. 512-538-1991.

Reversal of Fortune (commission)

This is a commission for a friend.  His only direction was a samurai duel involving his ladies dog and cat.  I like equestrian scenes, so I chose to do it in that manner.  When I’d finished, a rare thing occured. I knew that this was good enough that I would have to have it gicleeed and put into exhibition.  With the time constraints placed on most commissions this is usually impossible.  Hell, not that I don’t do perfectly acceptable  commissions, but they are rarely my best work. Reasons: You have to work small because of price constraints, and the pictures provided are usually a challenge. Also because of price constraints, you can’t work as long on them.  Anyway thanks to Jeff for letting me have this for an extra couple of weeks so it can go through the process.

Leontopithicus Rosalia Gymkata Display (retouch)

This strange piece was named in an internet contest by my friend Jason P. Weiner.  I love the print that this comes from, with one lithe samurai backflipping over another, wearing pounds and pounds of leather armor.  This is another retouch, and I’m getting close to the level of sacrilege here:  I already took a giglee of the original…which is 40 dollars down the toilet at this point.  Oh well.  The piece is now how I originally intended…says George Lucas, his wattle dancing joyously a dance of spite (I own a wattle myself…I can talk.)

Parade Stand Wolf (fails to see any humor in the situation)

Funny Story:  I was working on this piece in a coffeeshop as I do, and a young couple in their 20’s walks up to me and enquires as to how I do the work flat on the table without dragging my sleeve in it.  I cheerfully turned to them and said, “I don’t do that, I’m a dirty son of a bitch!”  I showed them my hoodie sleeve marked with white paint.  Not the funny part…The young man in the couple asked about the writing on the left and right.  I told him it was drawn from the original baseball card, and since it was in huge letters on the card, I mean the biggest words on the card were these letters, I figured it must be the players name…No, he said.  He grew up in Japan, he said.  The words say “baseball card”.  Graphic design has come a long way that we no longer have to put the words car, or automobile in the ad for cars.  It is just assumed you know that if it has four wheels and an engine it is a car.  Funny story.

A Tale Most Tall of Battle

This painting is  another retouch project.  It is based on a famous image of Hokusai’s “The Warrior Hatakeyama Shigetada Carrying His Horse”.  Usually, I would try to avoid using imagery by artists like Hokusai.  There is no improvement that can be done on genius and It is difficult to make the image yours.  I couldn’t resist this “equestrian” though. I doubt there has been much else like it in art history, and it makes me smile.