Conspiracy Owl

This is a 12″ square piece I’m putting into Due West, the group show for the West Austin Studio Tour 2015.  It fits in the Defensive Postures series.  It was an experiment to see if I could make a smaller piece work in the series.  Defensive postures is mostly going to be larger paintings, originals more than prints.  Anyway, owls are fun and I’ve been toying with a smaller setting of constructed helmets for animals to wear.  It’s a nice bridge between the two series.(I just noticed this pic is partly a photoshop pre vis…but that’ll do.)owlsatblueowlsatblue

Great Horned Owl #4

Very difficult, the feather patterns of the Great Horned Owl.  Lots of micro glazing, warm and cool push and pull, Zinc White.  Shadows range from blue to red to green, to green and red.   First the shadows got too dark, then the highlights too even.  Always love doing owls.  One out of ten turn out looking good.  In fact, this owl was done right over another one that had problems.  9×12 on canvas.

…Or Maybe it Means, Kids like Owls, Stupid.

Searched a while for a title on this one.  Searched haikus: a favorite.  Searched poetry: a decent backup, but to no avail.  Sometimes if you are looking for an answer it helps to go clueless.  I search under satanic owls and was toasted with a bevy of christian/wacko websites who had moved on from the bohemian grove a la Alex Jones, to it’s logical conclusion.  A favorite was a site obsessing over Anderson Cooper (a favorite pastime of these websites), holding up a picture of an owl drawn by a slain Sandy Hook toddler. The owl was festive green, and sunny.  A very nice piece from what I am sure was a beautiful child. “Why did he pick this picture?” , “There were plenty of other pictures, why pick a representation of a construction whose meaning is literally all in our heads, from the actual Satan figure to the bird he inhabits…” .  Yeah.  As an artist, I seek to answer questions.  Sometimes they are deep.  And sometimes I will just do it with the title of a painting.

The Owl and The Rancher

This painting is 9×12″ and features gilding.  Owls have been some of my most popular paintings.  In fact, I usually don’t have one in my art shows because they have sold already.  Nobody likes parrots.  Seriously.