Droney, A Cape Weaver’s Lament

This is the beginning of a smaller compliment to Defensive Postures.  I don’t know how many pictures of drones there are on the internet, but we are fix in’ to find out.  This Cape Weaver picture was irresistible for it’s lighting.  I ended up taking the flower pic myself, mostly because it was difficult to find a flower shot with a big old squarish shadow on it.

New Defensive Postures subseries: Whirlybirds plus cat.



These paintings are all 18×36, a very comfortable size for me.  I’m using the same organizing principals as the other Defensive Postures work, but instead of using pictures of used cars, I am collecting old helicopter pics.  I became interested in doing a series of game birds because of the illustrations in a bird book a co-worker was perusing.  The golden spiral arrangement of the feather patterns and the born to die nature of game birds were a factor.


Conspiracy Owl

This is a 12″ square piece I’m putting into Due West, the group show for the West Austin Studio Tour 2015.  It fits in the Defensive Postures series.  It was an experiment to see if I could make a smaller piece work in the series.  Defensive postures is mostly going to be larger paintings, originals more than prints.  Anyway, owls are fun and I’ve been toying with a smaller setting of constructed helmets for animals to wear.  It’s a nice bridge between the two series.(I just noticed this pic is partly a photoshop pre vis…but that’ll do.)owlsatblueowlsatblue

The Lions in Retreat

A new painting in the Defensive Postures series.  This one sprung from the picture I was using as a desktop pic since I inadvertently changed it during Honeybear Massacre.  I really like the head on the palace guardian lion, and since I used his legs in Honeybear, I figured why not throw in the head.  I really like the blue stencil over the city.  Have be careful not to overuse it.

Heroes in A Halfshell plus Pizza Giclee drops at Guzu Gallery online


The 1st edition of this print is limited to 20, and a few already sold at the opening.  Giclee is a high definition pigmented archival printing process.  The prints are on cold press epson paper.  Also, the original painting (20×16, acrylic on canvas) is up for sale.  If interested contact me through site e-mail.guzu thumbturtles

Gigclee release for Guzu Galleries Children of the 80’s Show

The opening is at Guzu Gallery, 5000 North Lamar, Austin, Tx next to Austin Books.  7pm-10.  The themed show tackles Saturday morning/afternoon cartoon shows.  My print is themed on one of my formative influences, with all apologies to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.  It was important to me to link how I arrived at anthropomorphism, with my actual work.

http://www.guzugallery.com/content/children-80s-art-exhibition-celebrating-cartoons-toys-raddest-decade-everguzu thumbturtles

Great Horned Owl #4

Very difficult, the feather patterns of the Great Horned Owl.  Lots of micro glazing, warm and cool push and pull, Zinc White.  Shadows range from blue to red to green, to green and red.   First the shadows got too dark, then the highlights too even.  Always love doing owls.  One out of ten turn out looking good.  In fact, this owl was done right over another one that had problems.  9×12 on canvas.