Droney, A Cape Weaver’s Lament

This is the beginning of a smaller compliment to Defensive Postures.  I don’t know how many pictures of drones there are on the internet, but we are fix in’ to find out.  This Cape Weaver picture was irresistible for it’s lighting.  I ended up taking the flower pic myself, mostly because it was difficult to find a flower shot with a big old squarish shadow on it.

Sushi Chart: Canine Edition

This is the second one of my high art sushi charts.  Look for these in a set of placemats as well as a giclee edition.  I should have a few in Cherrywood Art Fair, in which I will have a booth.  That show is December 14th. I might have them available by the show in Manor.  I’ll keep people posted.

Max Dog (Redux)

I did this picture of Max dog for my friends Michael and Meg, about a year ago.  A few weeks ago Meg’s birthday rolled around and Mike sprung for a commission of their newest dog, Henry.  My part: do a portrait, dog sit while they vacationed in Mexico city, and throw in some frames, one for the new dog one for the old portrait.  Then my perfectionism kicked in.  Max and Henry’s portrait were wildly different in the approach to the head.  This is not to say Max’s head was bad, it just didn’t have anywhere near the realism of Henry.  With my usual excuse to got back into a project loaded, I asked for the portrait back, and did a redux.  Max will join Henry in my second sticker set, soon to be released, and will go into print rotation with my other successful images.  Favorite animals, Unite!henry72


Reversal of Fortune (commission)

This is a commission for a friend.  His only direction was a samurai duel involving his ladies dog and cat.  I like equestrian scenes, so I chose to do it in that manner.  When I’d finished, a rare thing occured. I knew that this was good enough that I would have to have it gicleeed and put into exhibition.  With the time constraints placed on most commissions this is usually impossible.  Hell, not that I don’t do perfectly acceptable  commissions, but they are rarely my best work. Reasons: You have to work small because of price constraints, and the pictures provided are usually a challenge. Also because of price constraints, you can’t work as long on them.  Anyway thanks to Jeff for letting me have this for an extra couple of weeks so it can go through the process.