Rabbits Four

Rabbits Four

The Defensive Postures series continues with this rabbit inspired piece.  There are four rabbits represented, so I called it Rabbits 4.  The wasp nest imagery is symbolic of the series central theme.  I’m going to probably work it into future paintings.

Max Dog (Redux)

I did this picture of Max dog for my friends Michael and Meg, about a year ago.  A few weeks ago Meg’s birthday rolled around and Mike sprung for a commission of their newest dog, Henry.  My part: do a portrait, dog sit while they vacationed in Mexico city, and throw in some frames, one for the new dog one for the old portrait.  Then my perfectionism kicked in.  Max and Henry’s portrait were wildly different in the approach to the head.  This is not to say Max’s head was bad, it just didn’t have anywhere near the realism of Henry.  With my usual excuse to got back into a project loaded, I asked for the portrait back, and did a redux.  Max will join Henry in my second sticker set, soon to be released, and will go into print rotation with my other successful images.  Favorite animals, Unite!henry72


A Tale Most Tall of Battle

This painting is  another retouch project.  It is based on a famous image of Hokusai’s “The Warrior Hatakeyama Shigetada Carrying His Horse”.  Usually, I would try to avoid using imagery by artists like Hokusai.  There is no improvement that can be done on genius and It is difficult to make the image yours.  I couldn’t resist this “equestrian” though. I doubt there has been much else like it in art history, and it makes me smile.